Genealogy of the Moody and Crandall, Hood and Linder families
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Alabama, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Mary Jane Molly  Jun 1870Alabama, United States I11168
2 Bohannon, Bernard Brown  Apr 1848Alabama, United States I1578
3 Burns, William Samuel  Oct 1856Alabama, United States I11149
4 Chester, Kathleen  6 Apr 1906Alabama, United States I10063
5 Chester, Oscar Jacob  Abt 1866Alabama, United States I11160
6 Chester, Oscar R  Abt 1898Alabama, United States I11162
7 Chester, Sarah J  Abt 1900Alabama, United States I11163
8 Crenshaw, Nancy  Abt 1857Alabama, United States I9811
9 Crossland, Caroline Stincy  31 May 1854Alabama, United States I2719
10 Dean, Noah A.  Nov 1860Alabama, United States I1579
11 Farrar, Elias  Abt 1840Alabama, United States I11576
12 Farrar, Juda  Abt 1837Alabama, United States I11575
13 Farrar, Louisa  Abt 1842Alabama, United States I11577
14 Farrar, Martha  Abt 1834Alabama, United States I11574
15 Garrett, Martha Jane  Abt 1826Alabama, United States I11154
16 Garrison, G. P.  Alabama, United States I8619
17 Garrison, Mattie  Apr 1870Alabama, United States I8617
18 Harper, Edward Green  Abt 1883Alabama, United States I10045
19 Harper, Lucile  Abt 1905Alabama, United States I10050
20 Hoke, Hester Ina  27 Sep 1901Alabama, United States I11755
21 Jarrett, Titus Lee  20 Nov 1879Alabama, United States I11174
22 Jarritt, William Thomas  1875Alabama, United States I11176
23 Lamb, Agnes Onita  12 Aug 1927Alabama, United States I1600
24 Lamb, Augus L.  Abt 1903Alabama, United States I1591
25 Lamb, Augus T.  Abt 1874Alabama, United States I1554
26 Lamb, Carl  26 Oct 1897Alabama, United States I1583
27 Lamb, Charlie B.  Abt 1905Alabama, United States I1592
28 Lamb, Georgia V.  3 May 1882Alabama, United States I1557
29 Lamb, Hattie L.  Sep 1886Alabama, United States I1559
30 Lamb, Huey Max  26 Apr 1921Alabama, United States I1598
31 Lamb, James Sibert "Bud"  Mar 1900Alabama, United States I1584
32 Lamb, Lady L.  Abt 1879Alabama, United States I1556
33 Lamb, Lovie  Sep 1884Alabama, United States I1558
34 Lamb, Walter M.  Dec 1870Alabama, United States I1552
35 Lamb, William Emmitt  28 Apr 1917Alabama, United States I1597
36 Lee, Earley S.  Sep 1897Alabama, United States I10159
37 Lee, Hassie  Apr 1889Alabama, United States I10156
38 Lee, John Joseph  Apr 1887Alabama, United States I10155
39 Lee, Minnie L.  Sep 1893Alabama, United States I10157
40 Lee, Robert  Abt 1857Alabama, United States I10169
41 Lee, Robert C.  Abt 1902Alabama, United States I10160
42 Lee, William O.  Nov 1895Alabama, United States I10158
43 Linder, Amanda Josephine  17 Nov 1845Alabama, United States I2629
44 Linder, Annie M.  1922Alabama, United States I10056
45 Linder, Benjamin "Benton" Walton  4 Aug 1849Alabama, United States I2630
46 Linder, Bonnie Lee  Abt 1875Alabama, United States I8600
47 Linder, Brown Garrison  17 Aug 1900Alabama, United States I8618
48 Linder, Cornelia  2 Apr 1886Alabama, United States I8606
49 Linder, George V.  Abt 1878Alabama, United States I8601
50 Linder, Hugh  18 Nov 1908Alabama, United States I8604

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolling, Samuel Milton  16 Jan 1947Alabama, United States I11813
2 Linder, Irene  27 Oct 1884Alabama, United States I8605
3 Singleton, William Hammock  14 May 1935Alabama, United States I10442
4 Thornton, Memory Henry  1878Alabama, United States I3956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lamb, Florence Rebecca  19 Aug 1926Alabama, United States I1551


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Linder / Mattison  Abt 1900Alabama, United States F1114
2 Striplin / Graves  1920Alabama, United States F3125